• We want to give you a warm welcome from our velagua ® restaurant. The restaurant is placed near zaragoza. Our restaurant provides all necessary means at your disposal to make your wedding banquet or first communion a perfect unforgettable day. You will have a great variety of menus to choice for your banquets.

  • The private kitchens of our restaurant allow us to create, always with ingredients of supreme quality, the painstaking presentation and the best customer service, variety of menus, and the possibility of making your own menu. We have at your disposal all the ingredients to make your banquets an unbelievable experience. You’ll never forget your wedding or first communion banquet and wish you will never forget that it was celebrated in our Velagua Restaurant, in Zaragoza.

  • Our best rooms will be adapted to your needs and we will offer the possibility of organizing all kind of events and banquets without having to travel far from Zaragoza

  • If you want to enjoy your wedding or first communion, without having to keep your children entertained, we have a bouncy castle that the younger ones can enjoy at no extra charge.

    Banquets, Communions, Weddings…..and much more, here in our Velagua restaurant, in Zaragoza .